Touchless voice command is all around us thanks to COVID. 20/20 Solutions Architects help you deliver customized, immersive experiences with Alexa or Google for the healthcare, residential, hospitality and educational sectors. Touchless environments raise the standard of wellness and improve your teams’ productivity.

Voice command integrates seamlessly with your existing environment to become a virtual concierge or assistant.

20/20 Solutions Voice Command Architects will work with management to design a customized, personal experience for your facility. We provide the design, installation, testing, and ongoing support for your site.

By simply asking, your team will be able to

   Play music their favorite music or listen to Audible Audiobooks

   Control in-room devices by voice - lights, temperature, television & more

    Call for assistance

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They can just ask:

   “Order lunch”
   “Send up two more towels”
   “Call the front desk”

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