Spoofing – Defined Over the Years.
June 28, 2021

Safety Online – DO NOT CLICK


Ransomware attack rates are higher then ever and the culprits behind them do not discriminate.
They know regardless of size every business needs its data to operate. They also know that many
business owners believe “that won’t happen to us, our business is too small”. To make matters worse
remote worker connectivity has become another area of concern. The fact is that most small businesses
can not survive a sudden ransomware attack that could take weeks to resolve.

Adding ransomware rider to your business insurance policy will help to protect your business financially.
Once hit with ransomware the inconvenience, disruption, loss business opportunities and downtime is
unavoidable. Keeping your network and software up-to-date coupled with teaching and reminding ALL
staff to follow the basics when opening email.

Before you click – 5 Point Checklist:



#1 – The message is sent from an unrecognized person or company with a public email domain. NO legitimate organization will use a .hotmail.com or gmail.com address.
#2 – The message creates a sense of urgency
#3 – The email is poorly written and/or has misspelled words
#4 – The domain name is misspelled
#5 – It includes suspicious attachments or links

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