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Most technology we use is obvious.  Computers, cell phones, Alexa or Cortana, and GPS are major parts of our everyday life.  But what about the other, simpler technologies we’ve forgotten about?  Without them, we wouldn’t have the tech we have now.

  • That’s right.  Lasers.  From scanning our purchases at the grocery story to making our Blu-Ray’s play, we need lasers.
  • This little chip is what makes your commute so much easier.  We wouldn’t have EZ Pass without it.
  • This fun little wheel is what keeps your wireless mouse moving smoothly, and helps your drone fly.
  • Did you know that your WiFi is actually sending radio waves?  These transmit to your router, which is connected to your internet.
  • We all know magnets help keep important papers attached to the fridge, but electromagnets also make your touchscreen work.

Technology is growing and adapting every single day.  Who knows how far we’ll come in another decade or two.  It’s more important than ever to stay current.  Your technology may be obsolete before you know it.

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